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H-Bomb Wood Bats


Text Box: Models
Inspired by bats of the past great sluggers, this bat is constructed with a thick 31/32 handle, 2 9/16" barrel and balanced weight distribution.  Available in (in/oz) 32/30, 33/31, 34/32
A classic style for a classic ballplayer.  29/32 handle, 2  barrel.  Available in lengths 31-34 with an approx. -2 in/oz ratio.
Our youth model, very popular with little league players.  2  barrel.  Available in lengths 26-30 with a -8 to -10 in/oz ratio.
Our one-handed trainer is perfect for top or bottom hand soft toss or tee drills.  Available in 19/14oz and 22/15oz sizes.
**Each model is available with the H-Bomb Bats logo or with your initials at the sweet spot.



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